The Inaugural Sarawak Dialogue with the theme of “Sarawak, The Bridge to New Beginnings” is being organised in Kuching, coming at a most opportune time in the state’s history and socio-economic development.

Under the tutelage of the Sarawak State Government and the able leadership of its Chief Minister, the Right Honourable Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg, this event invites select, high-profiled individuals and premier corporations to share views, discuss and deliberate networking opportunities on various businesses which can lead and secure project partnerships.

In recent times, an energised Sarawak is even more evident, with key initiatives set in motion by the sixth Chief Minister, so as to ensure continuity of his predecessor’s plans. Simultaneously, Datuk Patinggi has drawn up an even more aggressive action plan encompassing Digital Economy, Tourism, Education and Health. Indeed, Datuk Patinggi is on a committed journey to manage the state’s rich natural resources and finances, so as to accelerate its development, and be able to be more self-dependant.

Uniting all sectors would be technology and the emerging digital landscape with its applications and innovations cutting across every facet of today’s life, changing by the second and at breakneck speed. People grapple with these new digital challenges, depending on their eagerness to accept and embrace change and new modes of communications.

Whilst some take it in their stride to embrace these applications, many are hesitant. This is one sector where young generation must take charge to lead the way, be innovative entrepreneurs and spearhead Sarawak’s participation in the global digital world!

Through this holistic, hands-on approach, Sarawakians will be even more motivated to strive for progressive growth and modernisation across different sectors, whether in its urban or rural areas. The time is ripe for such exchanges which will enable its people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, both young and senior, to participate and reap a higher standard of living as new opportunities abound.

Indeed, the mood within the state has become ever so positive, with everyone gearing up towards working for positive changes, embracing development opportunities, besides engaging potential investors on projects that would translate into win-win partnerships. Whilst specific sectors will spearhead the dialogue sessions, many other suggestions may materialise and can be pursued further.

So many plans have been drawn up. Equally many investments have been identified. So many pose equally important opportunities, as all challenge and vie for equal attention. But plans will remain so, unless the right individuals, candidates, companies form compatible partnerships which can work together to achieve the realisation of all these dreams and hopes.

Sarawak welcomes individuals and companies eager to pursue new opportunities, working together for a common cause, sharing the success rightfully earned. In particular, decision-makers of various corporations and government agencies, entrepreneurs, business owners, technologists and academicians are encouraged to participate in this event. The Sarawak State Government has already paved the route and now, it is for the players to forge the partnerships and lend their expertise to the state’s mission.

Indeed, for both the state and participants, this dialogue stands to make Sarawak, the Bridge to New Beginnings!
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Also known as the ‘Land of the Hornbills’, Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, which in turn comprises of 13 states and three Federal Territories. The state lies in the north-east of Borneo island and its current population stands at 2.6 million. The state has an abundance of natural resources from natural gas, crude oil to tropical hardwood timber.

On September 16, 1963, Sarawak became part of Malaysia. Before that, for 100 years from 1841, the state was under the leadership of the Brooke family. Known as the White Rajahs, they ruled the state for 105 years until the state was ceded to the United Kingdon in 1946.

Kuching, a modern, vibrant city is the gateway to the state, and draws visitors to explore its quaint streets and old townhouses-cum-shops, mosques, Chinese temples that blend harmoniously to exude a colonial feel. Modern buildings and suburbs dot the landscape as the city expands with more and more residential and commercial areas being built.

The Sarawak River cuts through the city, and its gentle meandering banks are a favourite meeting spot throughout the day; in the mornings, people cross the waters to go to school and work from the many villages on the quieter side of the city, and the same is repeated in the evenings as people return to the abodes.