Neuroscientist, Peak Performance Consultancy, Malaysia

Dr Theva Nithy is a neuroscientist, author and a specialist who trains people who live in the world’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. He started his professional life by developing and implementing Peak Performance Training methodologies to maximise Mind, Brain and Body Peak performance.

Theva is an entrepreneur who founded several start-ups in Peak Performance Training, for instance SmartBrain Mind Technologies and the EarlyStart Childhood Education Group. He has worked in international schools abroad, then Universiti Sains Malaysia before joining the Special Innovations Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office. Whilst there, his specialised function was to solve problems and provide solutions to implement innovative behaviour in Malaysian professionals. He developed links with the Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Institute in Germany, Stanford University in the USA, NeuroSky in the USA, the Millennium Project (a global think-tank) and many other global organisations to implement the idea of Peak Performance Training for  youth and professionals, including the Malaysian Leaders.

His book, ‘Your Child, Your Genius 2’ focuses on parenting skills and peak performance development in children. The advice and tips offer hands-on approach for parents to guide their children from the time the mother conceives and for the rest of their lives. It is a practical approach on adopting best habits and processes to cultivate children with peak performance behaviour, habits and outcome.

Dr Theva is recognised for his training portfolio conducted with local Malaysian universities and governmental organisations, for instance Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Prime Minister’s Office. Amongst the notable establishments he has conducted his training modules are: Management and Teachers of International Schools based in the Middle-East; the Education Ministry Management staff in South Korea and the UK; global business and government leaders at The Summer Corporate Programme at Singularity University at the NASA-AMES campus in the Silicon Valley.