Country Director - Indonesia

Dr. Israfil  Merican joined Malaysia

Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) in 2016 as the Director of Exploratory Market.

His professional career started upon graduating from Moscow Medical Academy, Russia in 2009, as a house officer at the Seberang Jaya Hospital, Penang and later as a medical officer in the department of General Surgery of the same hospital. He was then appointed as the Principal Assistant Director, Medical Division at the Penang State Health Department, overseeing the six public hospitals in Penang. Prior to joining MHTC, he completed his Masters of Health Management from the University of New Wales, Australia under a full scholarship from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

During his tenure in Penang, he joined a humanitarian mission in Palestine and Egypt, selected by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) to represent the Ministry of Health Malaysia for Training Program for Young Leaders Malaysia in Community Based Health Operation and Management Course in Tokushima, Japan. He is also the first candidate selected by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for the Talent Grooming Program initiated in 2015.

A passionate leader and keen businessman, in his two years with MHTC, Dr. Israfil l has shifted from driving the exploratory market to developing India as a new focus market, and now presently, entrusted with growing Indonesia, the largest contributor to Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry. Combining his medical background, love for travel, and passion for nation-building, he firmly believes in Malaysia’s potential in becoming the leading global destination for healthcare.