Group CEO & Founder, Ace EdVenture Group, Malaysia

In 1995, Anne set off to change the learning paradigm for school students by
incorporating methods that engage the many facets of learning into her very own
curriculum called the ACE EdVenture programme. This 21st century approach has gone
on to develop confident, creative, innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial
future-ready students. Today, ACE EdVenture has multiple learning centres and two
international schools to its credit: Sri Emas International School and Dwi Emas
International School (Malaysia’s first entrepreneurial school) –both listed under
Cambridge Strategies’ Innovation 800 as “Best Practise Pioneers”. In 2016, Anne
and team pushed the technology boundary and developed ChemCaper, the world’s first
(and award-winning) Chemistry Role-playing Game so students can actually have fun
learning the subject on a platform they love. Anne continues to share her love
for education on local and world stages which included TEDxKL and SLUSH-XciTED
Finland. She clinched the recent 2018 Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Platinum
Award for Best Employer at the STAR Outstanding Business Award. In 2017, Anne was
inducted as a member of Endeavor Global and was named Woman of the Year by Her World
Magazine in 2016.